About us


INSERCH is a family-owned and operated business designing clothes for the eclectic and bold since 1985. In the early 80’s we had a boutique based in Hackensack, New Jersey, a vibrant African American and Latinx community. Our customers expressed a desire for styles and fashion that were not available in any stores. With this new inspiration in mind, we created our first signature item: the wool leisure suit. This style became what we are known for today. We expanded our product line, creating limited edition designs by pairing eclectic details with timeless silhouettes. Our designs have always catered to extended sizes in a curated assortment of styles that are absent in the market. Our brand excels in a menswear subculture that fuses eclectic design and classic menswear tailoring. We have great pride in our brand history and have consistently committed to representing the INSERCH community through our product.

Notable Features:

INSERCH has been worn by Magic Johnson, Usher, Cecil Fielder, Greg Vaugh, Starlin Castro, and many more. We've been featured on shows such as BLACKiskh, Barry(HBO), Jane the Virgin, Pose(FX). We are sold nationwide and the Virgin Islands to medium and small retailers and boutiques.

Our Mission:

Our mission has been to design fashion products for the vibrant community that inspired us since the inception of our brand. For us, style is defined by each individual, not conventional trends made for the masses. We want to continue to serve our community by providing a platform to accentuate self-expression. Over the past 35 years we have evolved our collections through a detailed consideration of who we design for.  More importantly, we are attuned to the needs of our community beyond fashion. Some of our new initiatives will be expanding our product range to support other minority-owned businesses, and diversifying our collection to build a stronger multicultural bond through cross-generational storytelling. For us, showing support isn’t a one-time action but a continual relationship that is worth nurturing. 


Our Journey:

1985 - Company is founded in April of 1985

1989 - First walking suits are made in wool crepe debuting at the NAMSB Show in New York City

1989-91 - Collage Italian Suit Collection 

1991 - Printed Shirt Collection (Imported fabric from Germany)

1991 - INSERCH debut in retail chain Merry-Go-Round

1992 - Linen Collection Debuts (fabrics originally imported from Belgium, and Eastern Europe)

1993 - Art Deco/Color Blocking Collection

2004 - Debut in Marshall Fields Department Stores

2005 - The creation of the iconic 569 Jacket

2012 - INSERCH.com is launched

2020 - Celebrate 35 years in business